Introducing RaffleDesign: a marketplace catered to provide design solutions

Saifur Rahman Khan February 28, 2020

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or someone looking to get your design work done – imagine how difficult it is to find a quality designer. It does not matter what type of design work you need to get done, the fear of not finding a professional is always there. We have always been relying on peer recommendation but it is not a reliable solution while running a business.  The struggle to find professional designers has been a real nightmare. 

“RaffleDesign is a new platform to reshape the design industry.”

When you are launching a small business you’ll be needing a lot of design resources. For instance, a logo, business cards, banners, flyers, a good looking website, social media pages, brand identity, marketing materials and what not! The world is going digital and the need for quality design is more than ever. Moreover, if you do not find a professional designer you are in big trouble. Therefore, today we introduce to you RaffleDesign, a platform that provides professional design solutions.

Current situation of the market

A closer look at the current market system presents a lot of limitations. Clients constantly complain about not getting skilled designers. On the contrary, designers complaining about not having a marketplace that listens to their cries. This has been one of the key factors that led to the inception of RaffleDesign. Let’s have a brief look at the ongoing problems that the industry is facing. 

Lack of professional designers

Getting in touch with a professional designer is the most significant drawback in the current system. We ask around to our peers and if we are lucky we get to chat with a professional designer. We keep hoping to find a designer who shares a similar mindset but that happens once in a blue moon. RaffleDesign is a hub of designers that are professional, sincere, and committed to the work they take on. 

Shortage of reliable platform

We don’t often find a place that is both client and designer-friendly. Bringing them under one roof without clogging other’s benefit is challenging. Moreover, doing business on different international platforms is troublesome. The challenge of properly communicating the clients’ needs to the designers is always there. If someone who is paying for the work does not get the desired outcome, only because of poor communication is not acceptable. And the inconvenience of different payment methods is always there. RaffleDesign makes local payment options available including bKash, cheque, and local cards. 

Perks of RaffleDesign

RaffleDesign does not only bring solutions to common problems. It comes with a ton of perks for both clients and designers. What makes RaffleDesign different is its commitment to ensuring a better experience and the quality of work it provides. Let’s have a glimpse at the perks that RaffleDesign brings.

Contests to bring out the best

RaffleDesign introduces a brilliant affordable way to bring out the best work. Clients will host contests and set the criteria. Afterward, they get to choose the perfect work from a plethora of submissions. This ensures a satisfactory result within a budget limit. The contest categories are the following: 

  • Logo & branding
  • Website & mobile application
  • Print design
  • Social media marketing

  • Art & illustration
  • Packaging & label
  • Clothing & merchandise
  • Book & magazine

Access to a global design community

Although RaffleDesign is a product of Bangladesh, it is open to the global community. Designers from all around the world can sign up and share their talent. Asia being the leading workforce of the world is the home to a large number of design professionals. RaffleDesign has set out to provide a friendly experience for the designers in Asia. 

Priority support

RaffleDesign guarantees priority support for both clients and designers. The platform is promised to intervene in any dispute that may arise. There are dedicated support engineers to make sure both designers and clients get what they are here for. 

Money-back guarantee

At RaffleDesign, every client is entitled to have a 100% money-back guarantee. The purpose of RaffleDesign is to introduce a platform that solely focuses on quality work. If the clients do not get the quality work from our platform as promised, we’re ready to provide the money back.

Wrapping up

RaffleDesign is a platform that is here to provide creative work solutions for the industry needs. It is here to change the way business seeks for design. RaffleDesign gives access to a great community of design professionals. Anybody can have their design needs done. Be it an individual who needs a solo project done, startups that need a logo or even corporates that need permanent solutions. No matter what design is needed, RaffeDesign is the go-to solution for all.